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Hello and thank you for visiting my website; I hope you enjoy what you see and it provides the information you need. Please view all of the pages and if you would like to make a comment on the website and/or it's content, we welcome that too. Your feedback is valued.

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My work philosophy

I promise you that any information you receive will be given with integrity, honesty and respect, giving you the support, comfort and guidance to encourage you to move forwards with clarity and peace of mind. It must be acknowledged that you have free will, and you are free to choose how you wish to interpret the information you are given, and how you act on that information is solely your responsibility.

When having a reading it is worthwhile bearing in mind to remain open hearted and open-minded, as often we have the expectation of what we want to hear and receive guidance about. However it is frequently the case that you will hear and receive guidance about what you need to know.