Comments received either via email or written in my Comments Journal. Feedback is important to me, so please let me know (via the contact page) for example how you found your reading, or your comments on the website etc. Many thanks.


"I have just loved this course, it has made such an impact on my life and made me believe I am worth something. Anne-Marie, you are a beautiful lady, magical & ooze love & fun. Thank you, thank you."

"Really enjoyed the course, it has helped me to trust my intuition. Met some lovely people as well, didn't want the course to finish. So was rather excited to learn there was a second course. Anne-Marie is an excellent teacher and very inspiring and talented."

"I found the course interesting as it was the fist one I have ever been to. Great to meet new people & new friends. I often look back & giggle at some of the times we all had together. Keep up the good work Anne-Marie."

"Brilliant, really gave me an insight into the mulifunctional aspects of the psychic world. Has guided me to where I feel my life is directed or should I say destiny? Fabulous group, really special people."

"It's been an amazing journey. Have enjoyed every minute of the course, Anne-Marie is so inspiring that I could spend all day and evening in her company and never get bored. She is an amazing teacher and always encourges you, even when you feel you can't do it. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to develop further. Its been fun, exciting, & rewarding."

"Really enjoyed this course, so much so it has really inspired me to go on to do so many other things that I have wanted to do for years! Table tipping was very exciting! I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone wishing to take that step on their journey towards all things spiritual. Have met some new & lovely friends. Anne-Marie is a lovely, warm & friendly lady, and a great teacher. This course was brilliant!"

“Very interesting , learn something new every week. A very lovely group feels very safe. Look forward to meeting up every week.”

“Easy feel to the group, nice company and nice to learn. It’s like meeting up with old friends every week.”

“Friendly and diverse. Makes me feel confident and not intimidating. We are given a lot of praise and confidence. We have done a lot and we find we learn and gain confidence. We have a very good leader who creates a lovely atmosphere to work in and is very knowledgeable. All ability levels are accommodated and everyone supports each other.”


"Hi Anne Marie, I just wanted to thank you for a great reading yesterday at Merley House...would love another reading from you in the not too distant future or perhaps some tutoring."

"Ann-Marie told me exactly what I needed to hear. She was kind, open and very intuitive. She was very accurate and knew her stuff! I was struggling to find a direction in my life and she's helped me focus on the right path that laid before me."

"Your style, it is so unique. The way in which you deliver messages from spirit sets you apart from the others - it's much more engaging and easier to connect with - keep up the good work!"

"I must thank you again for the lovely reading. It was as though my husband was with me. It gave me a big lift up, I felt a lot better in myself. Everything you said was spot on, it will keep me going, Thank you again, you are the best, and thank you for making me smile again."

"First, I’d like to say how useful I found your reading. It was refreshingly devoid of ‘wool.’ You picked up very clearly on what is happening currently and it made things clearer for me. Indeed, no one else has come close and said as much in as few words as you did. Many thanks."

"An excellent reading Anne-Marie, all of which made sense to me - some of which is happening right now."

"Thank you - it was such a good reading and I feel so positive."

"It was a really interesting experience, confirmed much of my personality and some good positive signs of things to come."

"It was factual and quite entertaining - thanks, enjoyed being here and making my experience wonderful."

"I found your reading very reassuring and comforting. It left me with a warm feeling and explained some of the things that happen."

"The reading was spot on with my personality and feelings and I felt that you really understood me as a person. I also feel much more confident with my own spiritual abilities now, thank you!"

"Great evening and thank you so much. All names came through, and very reassuring with lots of positive thoughts. Look forward to many more evenings to come. Thank you again."

"A very interesting reading; enlightening. I feel very comfortable and at peace with my life, looking forward to the future. Comfort that my dad is around me - thank you Anne-Marie."