What I can offer you - my skills

If you wish to have a reading with me, there are a number of ways we can do it:

Tarot Card Reading (I use various decksof cards).
Other Cards (Angel and Oracle Cards, in place of tarot cards).
Psychic Counselling (If you need help with an issue).
Tuition (For anyone wishing to enhance their skills).
Events (Private parties, psychic fairs and suppers etc).

All of the above are all available on a private 1 to 1 basis, and also for group bookings; for events such as hen nights, works' parties, readings for you and your friends, workshops, and psychic events etc. For groups of six or more, the host/hostess gets their reading free!

How I Do It

I am Clairaudient (hear), Clairsentient (sense/feel), and Claircognisant (know), and trust in the spirit world to communicate through me. Often it is when our loved ones pass on to the Spirit World that we seek some validation that they are with us now.

When having a reading it is worthwhile bearing in mind to remain open hearted and open-minded, as often we have the expectation of who we want to hear from and what we want guidance about. However, it is frequently the case that it is the Spirit World who decide what it is you need to hear and from whom.